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TransCAD 2.37! La révélation innatendue


  • The pioneering managing by the mouse proved to be the driving force for all the user interface
  • The enlargement (zoom) and moving of the graphics area while preserving the rendering display quality ‘vectorial’
  • A completely sliding panel that enables to reach numerous functions, thus avoiding unwanted dialog boxes
  • An ‘elastic’ and auto-sliding toolbar with 3 predispositions on the screen
  • A display area dedicated to results and logs at eyes level enables a comfortable reading for the user
  • A specific menu for each ‘case/object’ viewed
  • Ubiquitous speech synthesis support
  • Intuitive handling


 TransCAD enables you to create production and design sheets indexed by kernel assigned references, thus ensuring an easy integration with your quality management system. Also, the assembled magnetic core and the tanks are given attributes that allow them to be referenced by multiple transformers projects. All those features provide a perfect control of your production elements and enable a more rigorous management. pdf

Sharing and Communication

switchboards  The solution remains open to a wide range of applications whether in reading or writing.

 Generating production documents can be done according to the medium that best fits your environment. You can communicate your achievements within your team without confusion, while providing a considerable gain of time and resources.

Datas and archives

 The scanning of the archives stored on disk benefits from very advanced sorting and research functions. Through simple clicks, you will find your archive between thousands of records in a very short time.

 TransCAD synchronizes with the warehouse database on which depend your future calculations and compilations. This also includes the different kinds of conductors as well as the transformer equipments. These same components are appreciated and accounted at the end of each project in order to determine the overall cost accurately.

WYSIWYG Interface

 TransCAD is based on a highly optimized graphics core. The fully interactive and vectorial user interface allows the user to operate directly on what he sees on his display.

 With an easy concept to adopt, the use of this tool is one of the most convenient tasks.

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