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Canvas and reports

 The production sheets related to the active part of the transformer are generated in the state of the art. We can notice that the operator can easily find the attributions, thus reducing the risk of misinterpretations. The generated sheets provide another advantage, which is the protection of your intermediate results that might be displayed. TransCAD will show only the design data, thus preventing all kinds of leak or loss of privacy, related to your pre-calculated values.

Special R&D :

 Among the various advantages of TransCAD, you will notice the availability of a layer dedicated to the manufacturer R&D department. Indeed, you will be able to benefit from the unlimited possibilities offered by the interface by bringing your own technological contribution, thus making TransCAD more suitable to your specific needs. In this case, Exol provides to the client all the technical support needed to implement the proprietary methods and calculations formulas within the tool, if they are of a confidential nature. Otherwise, the manufacturer can send to Exol the general specifications and calculations that he wants to integrate into the product, so that Exol’s R&D takes care of their implementation as Plug-Ins.

 The tool contains also a logic editor and a formulas’ parser, thus allowing the embedding of equations and the specific features of each manufacturer. It is possible to create conditions, comparisons, loops, arithmetic and drawings in order to rehabilitate the TransCAD core at your convenience. All project variables are at disposal. This has been made ​​possible without having to type a single line of code.



Ingérierie  Renowned consulting firms have adequate technical means enabling them to evolve constantly in the heart of their business. Whether on the drawing boards or via conventional or customized digital tools, grouping several disciplines in a single solution is one of the most demanding tasks. TransCAD addresses this issue and leaves the way open for the evolution as well as research and development.


 Highly elevated qualifications are no longer a requirement to address the area of ​​distribution transformers. Now, solving the problems of your business will be further facilitated by TransCAD.

 This powerful tool requires a minimum of knowledge and ensures professional results. TransCAD provides various methods and structures that will enable you to generate the desired synthesis with impeccable assistance.

Printing and reports

 At the end of each study, production documents can be generated with or without cartridge. This is completely customizable and offers flexible and very comfortable display results. The project on the study may contain several tens of layers. Edition on the paper is determined by the user choices’ preferences.
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