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TransCAD assets

  • User friendly and business-oriented
  • Efficient multithreading and system’s resources optimization
  • Easy navigation
  • Data entry support (Free-Hand Editing)
  • Built-in formula specific parser
  • Open architecture that allows adding, upgrading and swapping technologies
  • Building factors supported
  • Notes management
  • Customization of the GUI
  • UNICODE multilingual interface
  • Speech synthesis support on advices, warnings and errors
  • Classification & clustering of technical documents in project’s files
  • Efficient data recovery after power failure, system crash, early exit or saving omission
  • Open to third-party applications (Excel, HTML, 3D Studio, AutoCAD, Notepad, PDF ...)
  • High definition printing
  • Data sorting and filters functions
  • Management and display of errors list according to several criteria pdf

Professionnal engineering

 TransCAD includes a highly structured organizational mode. Its compilations are based on your real stock’s status and comply with the standards that govern your domain. The richness of its features will give you a valuable insurance through the new way of aided work entirely managed

Suitable & handiness

 The various phases of project creation as well as the multiple possibilities offered with each phase are making TransCAD a pure business-oriented tool. A very clear logic that enables transparent and straightforward assimilation and handling.

 Whether it is related to the magnetic core, the windings or the metallic construction, TransCAD has a set containing several variants, which can be combined to produce the desired result, according to your client’s specifications.


 Designing a distribution transformer is no longer merely a matter of electrical calculations. The technical and economic reliability need also to be taken into account.

 TransCAD combines many resources with an excellent correlation that will ensure a surprising reactivity.
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