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Core & Multi-mode winding meeting all technical specifications

  • Modeling of the multi profile magnetic core
  • B1B2 low voltage mode + combined mode
  • Different LV modes "strip wire" with a dynamic foil format
  • HV with dual voltage mode and multi selectable

Complete management of the boiler

  • Sizing of the tank & the conservator
  • Clamping / Tightening / Machining
  • Computer Aided Manufacturing (CNC machines)


  • Technical & technological support
  • Systematic assistance in case of inconsistent choices
  • Real scale 2D/3D projections
  • Generating purchasing orders according to predefined stock thresholds

Overcome the stock shortcomings thanks to the combined conductors

  • Possibility to combine different profiles of conductors “Round, Flattened strips, Foil" in Cu/Al
  • Ability to wrap two round conductors simultaneously
  • Ability to include up to 3 foils at the same time
  • Proposal of appropriate conductor according to availability in stock

Technical review

 Finally, TransCAD is clearly an authentic solution. This is due to the fact that it has been designed and developed by people who are working on the field. People who master both electrical engineering and industrial computing. An achievement that has been carried out without any intermediaries or translators, thanks to skills that have left nothing to chance.
Info  Les informations fournies dans cette présentation ne représentent au plus que la moitié de la puissance que renferme l’outil. Si vous souhaitez en savoir davantage, n’hésitez pas à nous contacter. pdf

Professional approach

TransCAD logo  TransCAD remains the best and the most professional solution of the market.

 EXOL can assist any manufacturer wishing to set up a production system in order to ensure a better management of the assembly line and a perfect coordination with the engineering tool. This will guarantee you the best possible performance.

The solution to all expectations

 Day after day, TransCAD continues to expand the horizon of its potential thanks to the efforts of our experienced engineers.

 Now all the profession of distribution transformers design is carefully confined in a very modern solution, linking efficiency and reliability.

The future

TransCAD  EXOL R&D team is working on a new engineering tool for Power transformers with ranges up to 315MVA/400kV.

TransCAD, up to your challenges.
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